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            產品中心 > 智能制造設備系列 > 全自動石英舟裝卸片機


            設備名稱 Equipment Name

            全自動石英舟裝卸片機  Automatic Wafer Handling System for DOA Equipment

            設備型號 Equipment Model


            設備用途 Equipment Application

            Integrated wafer loading& unloading, unloading the wafers from the quartz boat to the cassette or loading the wafers from the cassette to the quartz boat. Available for double back-to-back wafers in one slot which realize single side diffusion or available for single wafer in a slot for double-side diffusion. With continuous wafer loading&unloading can guarantee the continuous production . Or be used only for wafer loading or unloading is also available.


            技術特點  Features

            Six axis robot from world leading brand to load/unload wafers to ensure high reliability of wafer pick & place,and reduce the breakage rate and scratches on wafers.


            HMI adopts industrial computer (IPC) to run software and realize high-speed data interaction through network communication.

            Special processing technology is adopted for important parts such as combs and grippers which greatly reduce comb marks and gripper marks, and the comb and gripper can be replaced quickly.  

            MES function/ sheet resistance detection module/ AGV system are optional; automation can be 1-by-2,functions can be customized according to customer needs.


            設備參數  Parameters

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